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What is it you pursue to bring you invincible and perpetual sunshine in this shithole shell of a life?
Is That SouthPark Episode Ever Fuckin' Accurate ~_~

Go Bankrupt Walmart, You Useless Fucks.
Describe your type of a perfect idea to blow a million dollars on.

Anything, from your wildest dreams or your enemies worst nightmares.

What would you buy?
Do you accept criticism well or condemn it to the fiery pits of hell and those who dare impede on your self-declared greatness and unmatched flare?

Not just on art, but in general.
Alright, so found a (perhaps) out-of-date dictionary which defined "Hooker" as one who plays, not on sexual favours provided for cash, but on their own tricks or natural-born-talents to work a trade or some shit. Not word for word but you get the gist.
So in a sense, anyone with a talent is a Hooker. You a Hookah, I'm a Hookah, embrace the Hooking.

So with that idea, what's your hook, sunshine?

It's up to you to impress me with your astonishing or mesmerizing talents.

Post, link (not without description) or describe to me what will make you my stand-out Snowlake in this snowstorm of talent that befalls us all?
First-World Problems.

I Love The Pitifulness of Them. What We Just "Can't"Put Up With. It's So Laughable.

Although I Still Say Fuck Wifi. 
The More "One Touch" Technology BS Advances, The Less Options There Become to Help Yourself. 

On, Off, Wait....Repeat. Nothing. Wait, Still Nothing.

Wait Longer: Oh, Look! It's Back I am a dummy! 

Oh, No, Wait--It's Gone Again ~_~
Do you have them?

How do you feel about being one or being a lack of one?

I have two.
And to answer TheAmastereth 's question in VerySpooky 's last thread (why you keep closing, man?)

Am I jealous of of the siblingless half to our society? Yes and no.

With one, I feel like an almighty higher being  with powerful forces of mystical mystery prevented us from being conjoined twins but failed to prevent that soul-rooted connection of the twinlepathy we share, all the same.

But that other one, though....Stare 
Ok, I'm bored (AGAIN, what a shocker)

This is a forum of dirty-word-celeb-version.
Since "Twats that I Cunt Hear you" gotta fairly decent turn out give me your best shots on this.

Pick any celebrities name and put a dirty spin on it (first orlast or both, don't matter).

I'm stoked, let's do this.

This could also be coined the "Porno Name Sexlection" but I like the title I picked so....


And yes, I am fully away I misspelled "Joseph" fuckin' no-edit titles. v_v
To quote a creep who lurked up to me one night with a bible in his hands on the street. where will you go once we bash in the face and black out the lights of this thing we call life once and for all?
He didn't word it quite like that, a little more Willard-type creepy.

Will it be a nice place like Heaven, pearly white gates awaiting?
That dark, fiery Hellhole filled with the screams of the lost souls it has consumed (aka 97701 bunghole)

Or a do you think we just live eternally in a serenely swaying blade of grass in a soft breeze along a pasture somewhere until a lawn mower comes by and decapitates us all?


Thoughts? =)

I hate typos that make you look returted v_v goddamnitall
"Young necks" with my mother.
Apparently *that* is Sam Heughan's most outstanding feature.

Middle of a sex scene my mom decides that's the oppurtune moment to melt the ice with "He has such a young neck". I am a dummy! 
Yes mom, that's where you're looking.Facepalm
(I gotta stop putting myself in these awkward situations v_v)

So what topic of weird conversation were you most recently involved in and bonus points for awkward-company ;)
Tagged by a particular Scottie-Hottie who haunts the Forums with their fiery sense of rapier wit and justified sense of humour
What is a country you're very curious about, but have never visited?
I am going to say Scotland (no, not stalking you MarchosiasVX, I already had this undeniable lady-boner pre-planning to pitch it's tent on the Scotland border)
I lurf yoos accentz. They be like verbal hypnosis, bae
Llama Emoji-38 (Confused) [V2] 
It gettin' hot in herre?

If you were an animal, what would it be?
Is this a way to get your furry rocks off? I don't know Shrug  the computer suggested a Spider but I'm not pleased with this undercooked idea of giving me an INSECT for a "Spirit Animal". Stare  So I'm going with a Wolf. A far more kick-ass choice. Headbang! 

What are you most proud of about yourself?
As it turns out, struggling for ten minutes to come up with something good about myself only proved that there is nothing so I'm forced to say my dark-side of humour.
I don't really exhibit that here (we're not naming names but some here tend to be a little "sensitive") so you guys get the Light-Side-Jedi.
Han Solo Wink Icon 

What are you most embarrassed of about yourself?
A shorter list would be what I'm not 
Dean Flirt 

Have you ever given Quindayo a llama? 
No :o (Eek) 

 Why haven't you given Quindayo a llama?
I don't give anyone Llamas Roll Eyes 

Give her a llama. 
I said I don't give ANY one Llamas Stare 

You should answer #4 with: "I've never given Quindayo a llama"
Kay, good.

If you've already given Quindayo a llama, you may comment down below and Quindayo will send you a cute emoji back.
I haven't and I don't need emogis =/

This is the best tag-game ever. 
I've had better

Thank you and goodnight
You trynna get me to bed? 
James Franco 
'Cause it's workin' ;)

12 New

What's The Worst Thing You Drank Recently? outlander gif 
Good tasting but the aftermath was a disaster-zone. Three buckets of upchuck later and two rounds of DRY HEAVES :Imustdance:  
Maybe don't mix B52's and beer v_v Very rich, very fizzy and very fucking gross.

What Was The Last Thing You Defeated in Glorious and Shining Victory?
I jammed a seemingly impossible-to-fit heating grate back into place with nothing but my lollipop-kid-profanity to keep me going.
Eye of the Tiger 

Was Today A Good Day?
Just started, who knows where it goes?

What Do You Do With A Troll?
Obviously, everyone knows the way to deal with a Troll is sprinkle some faerie dust in their face and blow smoke out their ass.

What Sport Do You Like Best, Playing or Observing?
Observing, generally (I've got not too good experiences playin') Hockey and Football.
I miss the fighting in Hockey =/

Who Springs to Mind When I Say "Face of '16"?
Sadly I thought something Orange.
:crying: rvmp 

Who Was The Last Person to Compliment You?
My mother but does that count if they're obligated? o_O

Who Was The Last Person To Insult You?
A Troll wearing an Ass-Hat, probably.

What Were You Doing An Hour Ago?
Sleeping most likely I am a dummy! 

What Are You Wearing? Them eyebrows 
A heavy wool-knit full-length turtle-neck 'cause it be FUCKEN' COLD
Brrrr..These Cold..Onion 

What's the Better Choice, Unlimited Time or Unlimited Cash?
I'd pick time. 

Love or Drugs?

Bonus, We Made it to The End, WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! How Do You Celebrate?

There we have it.
I now tag you diamond dogs

97701 (they're just piling up for you, aren't they?)


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Zeppelin Rose
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Draw a lot, love art, but don't expect to see any here.

Also hopelessly hapless with most things concerning the internet, so bare with.... xD


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